Friday, November 03, 2006

Choose! Would you go through the Subaru RX challenge and stick to your hand to a car for more than 60 hours to get out of the bond? Vote now! [5 votes total]

YES!! Anything to get out of the bond! (3) 60%
No! Are you nuts? (1) 20%
Hmm, I'm not sure but I'm tempted...... (1) 20%

Die... we actually have 3 pple who are willing to stick their hand on a car for >60 hours to get out of the bond, and one who is tempted by the idea. Moe seriously needs to look into their bonding and staff retention policies. :p

For those who missed the voting, try again by clicking on this link.

End of Exams... Start of Headaches

The exams have ended for the kids, and everyone is pretty hysterical and diffident to anything that resembles work anymore. X( So in a nutshell, all the kids are having the times of their lives in school, but we are faced with the job of keeping them occupied and entertained.

Personally, I'm in favour of just releasing all of them from school one week early and letting them romp around at home instead. Especially the primary 6ers, who finished their PSLE ages ago, and are just in school for... I don't know what purpose. Why keep them around when they are utterly disinterested in work anyway? And for their sakes, let them enjoy what days of carefree leisure they have before they have to face secondary, JC and even work.

And give us some kind of break from keeping them occupied too. :p

At least it's easier to occupy lower primary students. Give them a word search, a complicated maze, or bring tons of scissors and glue and get them doing some kind of models, or drawing, and they're occupied and happy. Try the same thing on upper primary students and you get the "duh" look.

Oh well... 2 weeks more and counting... :p Remember to start applying for leave, everyone!