Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Else Can Teachers Do?

Every now and then, you hear some poor teacher unhappy about the work they're doing. Then this unhappy person starts to wonder wistfully about how it would be different in the private sector. Usually it stops at that, because most teachers think it would be difficult to get a job in the private sector with just a degree in education.

But is it?

Maybe there are some jobs out there which teachers can do. Which in fact are most suited for, because of the unique qualities that teaching has imbued them with.

So, for all those who have ever thought about life outside of teaching, here are some suggestions:


The author of this post means this as a light-hearted tongue in cheek post. The author will not be held responsible if somebody took the advice seriously and quit their job, only to find it rough going. Neither am I encouraging anyone to quit teaching. This is just a light-hearted list.

This seems to be one of the most common lines for ex-teachers and I think it's because of the nature of the job. You have to read text, check for spelling/grammar, and make sure that the writing is smooth. Doesn't this sound a lot like marking compositions?

Easy, because most of us are already familiar with text types, familiar with compositions, and also have a keen sense of grammar. After handing out all those creative writing assignments, why not write a lengthier composition of your own? You could always start with your memoirs of your teaching career.

If you have been in a classroom for a length of time, you would know that it's not easy to find well-designed educational posters. Neither is it easy to find the exact kind of manipulatives that you would want for a lesson. Why not then design new ones? You never know, some other teacher out there would find it useful too.

This, I think, is the same as what we do from Primary to Secondary, just that the kids are a lot older, and more inclined to listen.

These 4 points are all I can think of for now. Do you know anyone else who quit teaching to do something else? What did they do? How did their teaching job affect their new career? Please share in the comments!