Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's Over.... For Now....

The practicuum has ended for quite a while now, thank GOD! :s

The most important thing learnt from the practicuum? CLASSROOM MGT. Forget teaching the syllabus, forget all that creative teaching strategies, the one thing you must have is CLASSROOM MGT.

Is putting it in caps not obvious enough? ;)

I can't name any obvious incidents, because if anyone from that school is reading this, my cover is blown. :) But suffice to say, most of my problems stemmed from precisely that, and my last week in that school went really crazy because of that. :s As in really, chaotic,chaotic crazy. Talk about learning a lesson the hard way. *sigh*

Anyway, that's over. *phew* Next week starts the induction program where we have to go to all sorts of education-relevant places like SAF military camps and Sungei Buloh and ITE.

Why ITE anyway? I have this impression that we're gonna tell the kids, "Hey, it's alright to go to ITE if you want to! It's really cool!"

That's going to go down so well with the parents.

And my posting will be in June. Almost time to face the real world.

All scream now. EEEKKK!!!

As much as I'm totally enjoying the slack time for now, I feel the inevitable ticking of the clock down to the start of the Bond. *deep sigh..........* Then it's 3 Years to Freedom. Why can't the good times keep rolling? :(

Ok, not gonna think about that for now. Back to slack.......

Oh yea, and it turns out someone from one of my classes actually found my blog and is reading it! How small is this world? :D If you're reading this, here's a hey to you!